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Modern round rugs with a hint of oriental flair under $99; durable polypropylene fibers; unique motifs from the exclusive Kharma collection by Sphinx Rugs, made in Egypt; suitable for high traffic areas like kitchens, hallways, and porches; the best round accent rugs for any room in your home.

Need an exotic area rug to accent a room but are tired of the round oriental rugs with the usual Persian motifs and colors? The contemporary round rugs crafted in Egypt from the Kharma and the Kharma II collections by Sphinx are not your average carpets, but modern twists on ancient themes that offer an air of exotic without being traditional.

The colors used by Sphinx are rich but not exactly oriental classics, offering choices such as aqua, turquoise, emerald green, or even plum, lavender and rose. There are unique color blends in vibrant orange and yellow, mottled shades of earthy tones in karmic-like aura motifs, geometric shapes and circular patterns that whisper thoughts about the cycles of life.

With a touch of exotic, the sumptuous luxury of oriental quality and ancient techniques are blended with modern technology, creating home decorating accents that inspire individuality. With high quality construction, and the look of natural hand-washed yarns, but crafted the advanced fiber technology formulas that offer protection against stains, mold, mildew and the effects of heavy traffic, the Sphinx Kharma collection stands out in two separate worlds – the world of chic contemporary home design and the world of quality oriental carpet craftsmanship.

Isn’t a round WOOL rug better than a polypropylene one?

Yes, normally this is true, especially when it comes to traditional hand-knotted Oriental carpets where the beauty of the item rests in the rich natural dyes, the finest wool, the highest fiber count, the thickest pile, and so on, making the rug more an investment in an art than merely a decorative or functional piece. Although wool can be protected to withstand an immense amount of use, and abuse, and in general will mean owning a higher quality carpet, the fact remains that in many contemporary homes, there is humidity, dirt from foot traffic, children who accidentally spill things, and even pets that make owning an heirloom quality wool area rug not as practical as we’d like. Let’s also not forget that most of us have tighter than usual decorating budgets, and the word “affordable” is an extremely attractive one when it comes to flooring accents.

How affordable are the Egyptian Sphinx collections?

They’re very reasonably priced. In fact the round rugs we recommend, which vary in size depending on the style, start at under $99, and for the large 6 foot round designs (which are large enough for a main living room or under a dining table), are priced under $350. The 8 foot ones, which are a massive size, cost under $550. If you’re browsing the possible choices in the 8 foot and 6’ round rug collections in wool (or synthetic fibers), you’ll very quickly see that the ones we suggest are excellent value.

Sizes of The Modern Round Rugs By Sphinx

The small round rugs that you may think might work in front of the kitchen sink or at the entrance to a doorway are not the best shape for such places and therefore not the ones that Sphinx specializes in making. Mat-type area rugs that are sometimes called “scatter rugs”, and can be used to stand on while washing dishes or to wipe your feet at the door or porch, are actually best when rectangular in shape, or even a half moon design. These are usually low pile rubber-backed carpets and are seldom chosen as the focal point of a room.

Having a teeny round mat isn’t really practical, so we suggest that if you’re wanting a matching look throughout a room or perhaps in a kitchen and dinning room space that’s open, try placing a 2 foot by 4 foot rug beside the sink and (in the Kharma collection) these cost just $97. They’re large enough to have space to stand on and move while the rug won’t go slipping around like many of the teeny ones do. They’re small enough to pick up and shake while cleaning yet large enough to run a vacuum over.

Consider using a long runner-style rug or carpet in the kitchen and matching it with a round one in the dinning area. In fact, it’s much more interesting to have a blend of long narrow, square, rectangular and round, than all the same shape, even if you do choose an identical pattern.

All the items you see featured here in this post, be they shown as square or round images, are available in round, square and rectangular shapes and also in runners like the 2 foot by 7 foot one that costs only $199, or the longer 9 foot long runner for under $250.

Now, with the same motif, choose the large central carpet for under the dinning table, the best for this location is almost always a round rug. These can be had in the 6 foot sizes for $347, in the 8′ round rug designs that are identical for $548, and in the 10 foot carpets for about $897.

Remember that a 10 foot carpet is 10 feet in diameter and therefore appears to takes up more space than one that’s square or rectangular and blends with the edges of a wall or the corners of square furniture. Keep in mind that a round area rug under a square or rectangular table is a delightful decorating idea to soften the harsh edges of furnishings. Just make sure that you buy a large enough piece so that the legs of the table can rest on the rug or at least appear centered should the table be longer or wider.

Looking For Discount Round Rugs?

The Sphinx collections, from Oriental Weavers, are available online through a variety of discount shops like Rug Sale and Area Rugs Club, and often there are bargains or special offers for additional discounts even on some of the items we’ve recommended.

The problem is that not all the shops carry the rectangular and the round pieces that are identical. For example, some of the modern colorful carpets only come in runners and rectangular shapes. Nevertheless, having identical patterns for a long runner or a kitchen scatter rug as well as the larger carpet that may be placed under a dinning table (or one that acts as a focal point in a living room) isn’t necessary. Often using contrasting colors with a mix of plain and patterned rugs, spread throughout an open area, like a loft, creates interest as well as a means to bring two diverse themes or concepts together, allowing for more unusual furniture pieces, even modern and antique, to come together without appearing out of place.

Mixing It Up

When it comes to carpets, mixing it up a little can be a decorating choice that’s more exciting than perfectly coordinating identically matched items. It will take a little more creativity, but the results may be well worth the effort.

Consider some outstanding results by designers who mix up the colors and styles to create unique effects, such as what ABR Interior Design in Dallas Texas, did with the open space where the living room has a colored square/rectangular rug and the dinning area has a large round rag rug under the table.

Amongst other ideas that this room offers as inspiration, the floor accents highlight the contrasts in texture, color, patterns and even the mix of diverse furniture time periods. In the end, what pulls this room together is the way the contrasting rugs compliment each other, adding to overall subtle elements that may otherwise clash.

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