Contemporary Wool Area Rugs with Oriental Quality

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Wool area rugs, be they hand made or manufactured, be they heirloom quality or cheap rugs for quick décor, are still most common from Persian, Turkish and oriental designers and manufacturers, in part because of their rich colors and extraordinary motifs, but mostly due to the quality of manufacturing and the grade of wool they use.

Area Rugs for Walls or Seating

Sometimes oriental rugs are so beautiful it is not possible to put them on the floor to walk on and they may be a decorative wall hanging, a ceiling covering or even a table dressing or a bed spread. Area rugs from the orient can be piled one on top of another to cover large areas and create thickness for soft seating; in fact, area rugs may replace the need for a sofa or chairs if enough cushions are tossed on the rugs.

recycled turkish area rug

Wool area rugs beside a bed or a shag area rug in front of a fire will never lose its appeal, and surprisingly enough all these types of carpets may come from the orient. Although oriental rugs may fetch some of the highest prices and may rest in museums or grace palaces and mansions, they are also some of the cheapest area rugs available. And the best part is that there are so many styles from traditional Turkish exuberant colors to the most ultra modern round or square rugs, that there is no need to have something similar to what another friend or neighbor may have.

Persian carpet reproductions, both in authentic high priced models or cheap imitation area rug designs, are based on unique patterns so there is no need to believe that a contemporary wool area rug need be a traditional eastern design to be an authentic Persian or Oriental rug. There are so many modern variations made with the same high quality and traditional carpet knowledge that your choices for something unique are limited only by your ability to choose.

Contemporary Rug Motifs

Although classic oriental motifs primarily consist of scrolls, intertwining vines, arabesques, and colorful overlapping geometric shapes from either Chinese, Indian or Islamic traditions, the contemporary wool area rugs that are now being offered to western clients have evolved beyond what you might expect.

Pakistani carpet and rug makers have especially adapted to change, creating much more than the famous Punjab or Lahore carpets with Mughal architecture motifs. They now use historic techniques to create medallions, paisleys, and contemporary geometric patterns almost as if they had always known what a chic contemporary area rug should be.

Wool Area Rug with Himalayan Quality

Since wool quality is one of the dominate factors that should determine what area rug you purchase, consider that Tibetan wool is considered to be one of the highest quality wools in the World. This is not surprising since the Himalayan sheep that live in some the coldest and highest regions on earth have developed the thickest and hardiest coats of wool. Tibetan wool area rugs were very well, developing a shine over time and yet without losing their original fluffiness.

They are rugs that do not easily become matted or worn and are said, by carpet experts, to last longer than other oriental carpets and rugs. Since the Tibetan traditional designs are not religious in nature but Buddhist (or Taoist from Chinese influence) the natural tendencies tend toward contemporary abstracts and simple crisp lines and geometric shapes that blend well with modern minimalist decorations.

Tibetan Wool and Chinese Silk Rugs

Oriental area rugs are especially famed for having a wool silk blend, which usually means 90% wool and 10% silk. Chinese silk used in Tibetan crafted rugs is of top quality. It is well known that Chinese silk is better than Indian silk for strength and durability especially in rug construction. A touch of silk, in an otherwise wool area rug, will give it a hint of sheen absent from 100% pure wool area rugs.

So don’t rule out oriental area rugs even if you are working with a modern or abstract or very contemporary home design. Oriental area rugs now include unique modern designs while still retaining the ancient craftsmen quality and the best wool or silk for your very own wool rug.

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