Do Hand Knotted Rugs Lose A Lot Of Wool?

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When choosing to buy wool area rugs there are many questions that arise, like: do hand knotted rugs lose a lot of wool? and, what does tufted wool mean? and, what’s the difference between hand knotted and tufted wool rugs? The answers to all these questions are interrelated and will depend on the quality of the wool used in making the rug, and on the quality of craftsmanship used to knot or tuft the piece in questions.

So…Do Hand Knotted Rugs Lose a Lot of Wool?

The simple answer to the question is no, good quality ones will not. But after saying that you must understand that all genuine wool rugs shed a little, more in the begging and less later on. However high quality hand knotted oriental rugs will loose much less wool than tufted rugs. When asking a fine carpet merchant in India, Turkey or Iran “do hand knotted rugs lose a lot of wool” they will laugh and start to rub their hands over the piles of carpets to show you how little wool they shed, unless they are selling cheap tufted versions and then they will just laugh. So here’s a little information, because the key to understanding shedding of knotted and tufted rugs comes by knowing what the difference is between these two styles of creating wool pile carpets.

Now ask me again, do hand knotted rugs lose wool?

No, because each strand has been knotted to a longer strand that runs the length of the carpet and therefore will only shed if the wool used is of poor quality and has very short fibers, but not if it is long fiber high quality wool. The reason so many people must ask do hand knotted rugs lose a lot wool is because of the tufted wool rugs that do loose a lot wool and are passed off as hand knotted. Remember they are both made by hand in the technical sense of the word, but the quality of one and the other is miles apart.

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