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Award winning hand tufted rugs in natural textured fibers and weather resistant polypropylene yarns; plush pile, shag, carved and multi-fiber – suede, leather, viscose and felt – unique metallic designs, angel hair soft shag, unusual braided styles, small and large round accent rug creations in contemporary geometric patterns, chic modern motifs and exotic items from around the world; the best wool accent rugs and the newest collections; affordable and distinctive floor accents for contemporary decorators.

Foreign Accents Rugs – A Little Rug Goes A Long Way

Expert interior designers such as Steve Appel and Lee Whitehead, from a Baltimore company called Nouveau Contemporary Goods, know how to choose a home accent rug that will satisfy even the most demanding client’s taste. So when they pick area rugs and unique carpeting designs by Foreign Accents for some of their contemporary creations, we want to know why.

What’s so special about Foreign Accents rugs? How is it that something small on a floor can pull a home decorating theme together? To answer that, we need to take a look at the people behind Foreign Accents, the unique individuals, namely Trish & Wolfgang Rempen, who took their dream of scouring the world for the top contemporary area rugs into a reality.

From A Garage In New Mexico To The World

Trish & Wolfgang Rempen, of Foreign Accents, made little rugs go a long way by hand selecting the choicest pieces, which were unique and affordable, and offering them to the world. At first, back in 1984, they didn’t have fancy showrooms or exclusive designers using their carpets in show homes, in fact they began in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in a small garage. After their first retail space, they were able to expand into Albuquerque just 3 years later, and within 11 years, had built up such momentum in the contemporary area rug market that they needed to build their own warehouse.

Meanwhile, they attended the design and furniture fairs across the US and exhibited their international wares, which originated in more than 30 countries, and eventually gained such recognition in the industry that they were honored three times with the Best New Product Award by the famous New York Home Textiles Show.

Their passion for finding the top international manufactures of unusual, and high quality, contemporary rugs has lasted more than 25 years and continues. They now offer their wares to designers, exclusive furniture stores and dealers around the world.

It’s no wonder that interior designers like those at The Interior Design Group in Nanaimo, British Columbia and the above mentioned Nouveau Contemporary Goods in Baltimore, and many others like the Nordby Design Studio in Portland as well as exclusive furniture shops like Collectic Home in Austin Texas, offer the Foreign Accents rugs to their clients.

The unusual motifs in textured pieces, and the fibers that vary from wool to synthetic, along with the selection of contemporary colors in pile carpets, shag and even leather (amongst other materials), makes their accenting rugs a top choice.

Other designers who have been known to choose select items from the Foreign Accents collections are those such as Mary Sherwood from Lake Living Lifestyles – an interior designer for exclusive homes in the Lake Gaston district of Littleton, NC.

The Main Accent Rug Collections

There are eight main collections, each unique.

Bistro Loft and Luxe

The first is the Bistro line that offers plush rugs and small shag variations as well as select items crafted from durable polypropylene. Within this series you’ll find two different styles, namely the Bistro Loft and the Bistro Luxe. Both offer thick pile, rich weaves, high quality poly yarns, and stain and soil resistant treatments which make them ideal in main living spaces that may get high traffic.

The Loft and the Luxe designs are modern, however some are earth-tone semi floral or geometric translations of circular forms and shapes as well as natural elements, while others are purely neutral beige, tapes, browns and black and white blends that are contemporary yet very elegant – even luxurious yet unobtrusive and not overpowering. The Bistro series is made in Belgium and has about a half inch pile.

Chelsea Hand-Tufted

The second series is called Chelsea and features a vibrant collection of handtufted pieces in a range of different fibers made in India.

There are unusual pieces in this line that range from leather and suede to viscose. Amongst them are mottled color blends in neutral two-tone creations and rounded stone motifs as well as large eccentric swirls, spirals and colored stripes.

Crisp modern lines in some are only outdone by the circular fingerprint patterns of others or by the blending of modern animal print patterns into unique geometric divisions.

Round Accent Rugs From All Collections

The third group they showcase is simply called Round Rugs, which is self explanatory, however many of the pieces are carved. This is an extensive collection of round area rugs in a variety of unique fibers and textures that includes what they call the Fettuccine Shag. If you know what fettuccini is like and what shag is, then you have a good idea what the carpet will be like, namely: satiny strands of shag with a sheen! This accent area rug design comes in gorgeous colors like raisin, wine, champagne and metallics like silver, gold and bronze, as well as black.

There’s also a line, (within the collection) called the Starburst shag, which offers an unusual textural element and a array of colors that includes rainbow, pastels, silver, charcoal and even a lovely modern turquoise. Since round rugs is about the shape of the carpet and not the fibers or style in and of itself, the collections of round pieces overlaps into other collections, such as the Elementz and the

Festival styles (only round) and the sumptuously soft Angelhair shag that has a shimmer. There’s also a metallic braided design that’s available in silver. They’re all made in India and most offer a pile that’s between an inch and an inch and a half in length.

Elementz – Fetuuccini Shag, Angelhair and Metalic

Elementz offers a selection of carpets that are metallic or have unusual blends such as braided shag and even the softest collection of angelhair pieces.

It also includes some of the afore mentioned Fettuccine shag, the rich Starburst shag, in all the colors from in the round rug section, such as wine and turquoise, even multicolored rainbow and antic, as well as soft neutral tones like champagne, black or metallic gold.

Festival Colorful

The collection called Festival is an explosion of color, geometric shapes and forms that is a series primarily hand-tufted and carved in what is called Favriel. What is Favriel? It’s a material that’s specifically known for its ability to retain intense color and offer a textured feel that’s akin to wool while being a none-shedding acrylic that’s very durable and great for high traffic areas.

The Festival collection offers rugs that are thick and plush and luxurious to the touch, custom crafted, dyed and tufted by hand in China. The pile of these carpets is from a half to three quarters inch in thickness. The sizes of these pieces are around 5 by 7 feet, however specific sizes can be ordered

Martini Chic

Another series by Foreign Accents rugs is the collection called Martini. These are contemporary pieces with swirls and circular motifs in modern red, black and white colors that have a chic uptown Martini bar feeling. Ideal to combine with stainless steel, sleek metals and glass, leather or modern furniture that’s minimalist or architectural in shape.

The carpet itself is finely tufted by hand in India using a variety of multi-fibers that allow for a textured, carved allure for which Foreign Accents is famed. These are exceptional quality carpets, not cheap accent rugs that you can get just anywhere. They boast being the best tufted rugs on the market and best of all, they can be customized to suite your needs. The pile is about an inch thick and the sizes are usually 5 foot by 8 foot (unless other dimensions are requested). Remember that if you want to order any of these pieces online, the ones that are in stock will ship quickly, but the custom variations can take up to 12 weeks.

Designer Home Accent Rug Creations by Michael Payne

There’s also a designer line by Michael Payne. Although they are also hand-tufted and/or carved and use the wool-like acrylic yarn called Favriel, what separates them are the singularly artistic geometric patterns from the visionary inspiration of designer Michael Payne.

They are much more than area rugs, but considered floor-art, with motifs and vibrant colors set in half to three quarter inch pile carpets.

Ragtime Fun

The final series is called Ragtime and it’s all about multi fiber and textured (handmade tufted poly, made in India) to look like plush stone squares or tied rags, depending on the piece. These are very plush carpets with an inch to an inch and a half pile. Again, the standard sizes are about 5 feet by 8 feet, but custom orders are possible.

Because many of the products mentioned are stain resistant, treated with fire retardants and protected against mildew and mold, some can be used outdoors or can be a kitchen accent rug where spills and traffic might make other cheap carpets not a good choice.

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