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Anti Slip Stair Treads Complete Kit $42 – 28 foot roll, 6 inch wide, synthetic white stair carpet treads by Colonial Mills; Wool Braided Treads for just $12.95 each, 10 color choices, CSN Rugs braided treads set of 13 for just $117; oval and rectangular shapes ready to install for $17.95; Cocoa Bean braided treads for $20.95 each – put safety first; protect your family from accidents with the top NO SLIP STAIR TREADS.

Decorate, Protect and Reduce Accidents

Residential stair treads don’t have to be ugly plastic, vinyl or adhesive tape with an abrasive none slip surface to offer safety. They can be decorative and practical while protecting feet from slipping on wood, metal and other surfaces without ruining decorative elements. In fact, the latest designs in braided and woven stair carpet treads are so stylish they look as if they were chosen to decorate more than for safety. Here are some of the top products you may choose from:

Versatile CMI Braided Stair Treads

Colonial Mills (CMI) is a manufacturer of high quality carpet, area rugs, flooring and accessories, who have a variety of stair tread collections to enhance home décor themes with the textures and colors you want while offering the protection and safety features you NEED for good grip and none skid on stairways. One of the collections is called the Midnight series, which offers oval shaped, extremely durable, wool, nylon and polypropylene blended fibers, in a small flat braided carpet that’s ready to install on your steps.

The durability is assured when you consider that each multicolored, oval-shaped mini carpet, 8 by 28 inches, is 50% polypropylene and 35% nylon, and 15% wool, and therefore are also machine washable.

Choose your favorite color combination in the Midnight series, which is sold in sets of 13 treads, and simply secure them to your steps with a double adhesive kit.

Why choose the CMI collection?

One reason is that, should you opt for the braided collections, you can choose to mix and match other braided or texture area rugs with the ones that are on your stairs, or vice versa. There are oval and rectangular wool and synthetic area rugs in all the different colors and collections that allow you to coordinate interior and exteriors flooring, stair safety and even decorative carpeting so that everything matches beautifully.

Another of the CMI stair tread collections is called Jefferson, and although it’s also a braided design to protect your stairways and offer a secure grip, the color choices are modern, in solid desert beige, moss green, evergreen, blue ribbon, copper and red steak. In any color you choose, the set of 13 stair tread rugs costs just under $117.

If you choose to go with the Jefferson style, the fiber is also very durable being 100% polypropylene, also flat braided, and reversible, as well as machine washable, in the same oval shape that’s ready to install with a stair tread adhesive kit. This collection is sold in sets of 13 pieces and all are 8 inches by 10 inches in size, which fits on most stairways. Choose matching accent rugs in the same colors and braided rug designs.

The other possibility in the CMI lines is one called Cocoa Bean, which is also a braided tread, but comes in rectangular and oval shapes, and offers a fun mix of natural color blends in each piece – from dark cocoa to light creamy taupe.

This series is more versatile to buy because each piece is sold individually – the oval ones that are 8 by 28 inches cost just $17.95 each and the rectangular ones, which are the same size, cost $20.95 each. However, if you only need a few pieces, this is the more affordable option.

The Cocoa Bean flooring accessory series is 100% cotton and is made in India, but is also easy to care for by shaking or simply sweeping the steps and treads with a broom. In this case, it is suggested that you apply a pad under each small rug to get better grip and avoid skidding. Also, please be aware that because the items are cotton and more natural in nature, there will be slight variations in color and size, although this is part of the charm of this particular collection.

By the way, we just discovered that the Cocoa Bean design can be purchased as a set of 13 pieces, in either oval or rectangular, for about $220 in oval or about $260 in rectangular.

The complete set is offered through CNS Rugs and can be ordered online, and includes free shipping. The oval ones are in stock (at the time of writing this post) and can be shipped in about 3 days, but the rectangular pieces are on backorder.

When you choose small readymade rug stair treads, you can also choose matching carpeting and accent area rugs for your entryway or at the bottom of your steps.

In the Cocoa Bean collection, the rectangular or oval matching area rugs start at just $69 or $89, and really long runners, which are 6 feet or up to 9 feet long, cost between $189 and $279 (when in stock).

Adhesive Kits For Non Slip Stair Treads

If you’re going to add carpet, rugs or some kind of woven or fabric material to your steps to help with safety issues, and to decorate, it is recommended that you use an adhesive padding below the rugs to avoid any possibility of skidding. One of the most practical kits is the Colonial Mills Kit which is a complete white rug installation pad in a roll that’s 28 feet in length and 6 inches wide. The padding is sticky on both sides so it will adhere to both the stair and the carpet. It’s really easy to use. All you need is a measuring tape and some scissors! It costs $42.50 per roll, so calculate how many rolls you need and order with the carpeting or rugs so that they arrive at the same time.

BrookStone Indoor Outdoor Stair Treads For Excellent Grip

If you haven’t heard of the innovation behind the Brookstone products, then you’ll probably be happy to discover what they have in stair accessories.

Their unique treads can be placed on steps that are indoor or outdoor because they absorb water and mud and other dirt so that the stairs remain protected and skid-free. One thing is that they are also larger and so can fit a variety of stairs that other treads are just too small to adequately cover. They are 30 inches long and 8 and a half inches wide.

When we first took a look at this product, in order to give our readers a balanced review, we were sure they would be excellent for casual outdoor areas, but were concerned that they were too industrial looking for wooden or antique staircases that people didn’t want to hide. However, it has been brought to our attention by a variety of individuals who purchased this item that it is in fact lovely on natural wooden stairs, especially since there are four colors to choose from, two of which are natural-looking in dark taupe and grey which look good with wood, as well as the more modern colors that are solid forest green and navy blue.

It has been suggested that these sets of 4 non slip stair tread designs are excellent but require adhesive (or small tacks) to anchor them down. They do not come with adhesion so get some tape and secure them to the steps. The set of 4 costs $60, and will be shipped by Brookstone in a couple days unless you specify their next day delivery option.

While you’re at Brookstone, look into their doormats and innovative Waterhog runners and entry rugs. Their flooring accessories are loved by people who have pets and children, who have high traffic in the home and those who need to protect quality flooring or expensive carpets, tiles or hardwood surfaces.

The other thing you may need, to finish off a stairway that is being carpeted, is rods to hold the carpet secure, especially if you’re going with wall to wall carpeting and not just small area rugs or adhesive tread kits. So, we offer useful advice on choosing the best stair rod designs in the related post entitled Decorative Antique Brass Stair Rods. We explore a variety of styles and manufacturers and make recommendations that are decorative and affordable as well as safe and practical for the home.

Another item that you’ll need is Carpet Underlay (cushioning or padding) to make the carpet softer underfoot as well as to protect the underside of expensive carpets and area rugs. On Stairways this may also be essential to add better grip to the small treads you attach. Some basic foam cushioning may be all you need. (Please refer to our related post.)

You will also appreciate the information we’ve gathered on the average Carpet Prices for wall to wall flooring sold by the roll or by the square foot/yard. Choose the top manufacturers, the best quality Stainmater carpeting collections and other top brands, and plan your budget in advance so you know all the costs involved before starting a project.

If you’re about to add a little spice to a room by remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, dinning area, patio, deck or living room, and need a few scatter rugs, Large Rugs, round rugs, or even children’s educational Floor Rugs, please browse the topics that are specific to these subjects. We offer guides to finding the best, the most unusual, the most affordable and the top rated products for the home.

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