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I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but the thing I like least about the modern world is that it’s too square. I mean the building and towers and offices and apartments and walls and windows and doorways and hallways and almost everything, including my desk and computer screen, is SQUARE. Well perhaps there’s a thing or two that’s rectangular, but I liked the roman and Spanish arches, the curved corners and rounded walls. I loved the half moon balconies and oval salons and parlors that seem to have vanished with modern architecture. Everything just gets squarer and squarer!


Offset Square with Round

So, I try to offset some of the boxyness that surrounds me with as much ROUND as possible. It’s not possible to redo all the walls or furniture in a rented apartment or a house built in a community where walls that are square must match other square walls, but it is possible to add round area rugs to my square floors! It’s possible to add a round rug under my square table and it’s possible to have round wool rugs beside my rectangular bed.

Renovation in a Day with Round Area Rugs

For an update to a room or a quick, inexpensive “renovation in a day”, shift some of your square furniture around and throw down some round area rugs to change the whole feel of a room!

Best rooms to start:

  • kitchen and dinning room. In front of the kitchen basin add a half moon or round rug. Under the dinning table add another large one, preferably a wool area rug for durability.
  • Living room: A round rug accents a square fireplace. Or, you can place a small wool area rug under a coffee table or under a half moon console table.
  • Entrance and hall: runners are not needed. Try a series of three round area rugs, like stepping stones down a garden path. These are high traffic areas. Stay away from a shag rug or a delicate natural fiber like silk or 100% cotton. Wool area rugs, or a blend of 80% wool and 10% synthetic or acrylic will wear better for this high traffic area.

The best round area rugs:

Persian, Indian and traditional braided rugs. But, I recently saw a great zebra rug that was round. Also there are sheepskin rugs that are almost round, or at least oval, but not square.

An Area Rug Secret from the East

If you have a lot of square or rectangular area rugs and you love them and they work for you, but you’d like a little something to spice up the floor, here’s a secret I learnt while living in India and Northern Africa. Area rugs needn’t be individually placed one by one. Piles of rugs are fantastic. You can place a round area rug on top of a square or larger rug and give it a whole new feel. It’s especially good in a sitting room or bedroom or as a basement renovation idea. It also works well in kids rooms. Kids rugs can be layered for warmth and when one gets dirty, you can send it out to be cleaned and the floor isn’t left bare.

Round Area Rug Color

Don’t worry so much about color matching. The worst decoration consists of carefully matching paint and drapes and sofa and carpets so that everything becomes one big mishmash of exactly the same where nothing stands out.

You can have a totally neutral color scheme overall and add a few layers of round area rugs in vibrant (or traditional oriental) colors and the room will come alive. I’m not saying that you should mix styles and themes or that you can freely put floral patterns with polka dots and stripes, not unless you’re after a retro or art deco effect, but don’t match peach bedspreads with peach rugs or pastel blue walls with pastel blue rugs.

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