Seven Wool Area Rug Styles

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There are several wool area rugs companies, manufacturers, name brands and specific rug collections that can be kept in mind when searching for round area rugs, oval rugs, square rugs and even kids rugs. There are some that specialize in shag area rugs, braided rugs and also the famous Greek flokati rug. One such company is Shaw Rugs and they are sold through many online distributors.

1. Shaw Area Rugs

Here is a small sample of some of the top selling Shaw area rug designs from classic traditional to contemporary Shaw rug creations:

    shaw rugs
  • Shaw Vineyard Ebony for $207.from The Home Depot – a contemporary rug in a nontraditional design.
  • Kathy Ireland Young Attitudes Rug — Garden Girl for $229.from Amazon, which is a fun children’s woven area rug
  • Shaw Contempo Round Area Rug for $375.from The Home Depot is easy to clean and resistant to stains.
  • Shaw Living Scrabble Area Rug for $218.00 from Lowe’s
  • Shaw – Area Rugs Sonnet Border – Garnet Rectangle Rug for $1,099. from South Cypress Floors
  • Shaw Antiquities English Garden Gold Area Rug for $499. from RugStudio
  • Shaw Area Rugs by Kathy Ireland Essentials Rug Diamantes for $89.from PowerSellerUSA
  • Shaw – Kathy Ireland Essentials Buenos Aires for $276.from Rugs Direct
  • Shaw Area Rugs: Reverie Rug: Haiku Orchid Rectangle area Rug for $449.from Amazon.

2. Mohawk Rugs

Mohawk area rugs are a flooring company that have a wide range of products from wool area rugs to bath mats and all in between. Here are a few of their cheap area rug designs.

mohawk rugs prismatic brick
  • Mohawk Home Shag Starch Tan Woven Rug – $14.
  • Mohawk Guzula Camel Machine Woven Rug – $69, high pile contemporary design and subtle floral pattern in natural colors.
  • Mohawk Home Rugs Bloomfield, Olive –$79, structured design with movement
  • Mohawk Home Tribute Square Oyster Square Area Rug $95. tufted area rug in fashion color trends
  • Mohawk Home Rugs Prismatic, Brick Red –$169, intense colors, rich reds contrast darker hues
  • Mohawk Constellation GlimmerArea — $39.
  • Mohawk Home Prismatic Rug – Brick Red –$147, woven area rug, easy to clean
  • Mohawk Home Modern Squares Rug Runner –$39.99, mocha pale blue and caramel
  • 1927 Mohawk Rugs & Carpets with Colonial Couple – Vintage reproduction

3. Nourison Rugs

For contemporary area rugs, traditional and transitional pieces, Nourison Rugs has something to offer, including special rugs by Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne. They also have southwestern and tribal wool area rugs and country styles in large square, rectangular and round rug designs as well as oval rugs. They offer animal print rugs, the famous zebra rug, dinning room and living room round rugs and lots of kitchen rugs that you can mix and match. There are many Nourison dealers online and lots of showrooms, but here are a few designs and their prices to give you an idea:

    cheetah print by Nourison
  • Nourison Cheetah Print 5′ x 8′ Rug for $300.
  • Hand-tufted Galleria Rug (5’6 x 7’6) for $155.
  • Hand-tufted Galleria Green Rug (5’6 x 7’6) for$164.
  • Nourison Rugs Heritage Hall for $2,949, 17th Century Persian rug replica
  • Nourison Calvin Klein Home Luster Washed Chrome Rug for $348.
  • Nourison Rug Julian Wool Area Rug for $799.
  • Nourison Rugs Heritage Hall Heritage Hall Gold Round Area Rug for $879.
  • Nourison Rugs 16th Century Gold for $1,479, hand-stitched micro-hooked rug
  • Nourison Rugs Heritage Hall Aqua color antique replica for $979.

4. Kathy Ireland Rugs

Cherry Pop Dark Shadow

If you don’t know who Kathy Ireland is then here’s what Wikipedia has to say: “she is an American former model, actress, CEO and designer of her eponymous brand product marketing company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide.” And that explains why there are many products for the home that bear her name, including an extensive range of contemporary and classic wool area rugs.

Shaw Rugs have many Kathy Ireland products like her line of kids area rugs for which she has become rather well known.

There is no specific design involved and many are washable area rugs and very practical, while others are massive square area rugs or runners rugs for hallways and entrances or even small discount area rug styles that anyone on a budget can afford.

Here are just a few of her top selling rugs:

  • Kathy Ireland Young Attitudes Garden Girl Sandy Beach Rug –$229.
  • Kathy Ireland First Lady Imperial Garden Old Republic Black Rug for $349.
  • Kathy Ireland Essentials Manor Natural Rug by Shaw Rugs for $689.
  • Kathy Ireland Young Attitudes Cherry Pop Dark Shadow Rug for $229.
  • Kathy Ireland Essentials Manor Ebony Rug by Shaw Rugs for $1,749.
  • Kathy Ireland Essentials Manor Ruby Rug by Shaw Rugs for $89.
  • Kathy Ireland Young Attitudes Flying Machine Locker Room Blue Rug for $229.
  • Kathy Ireland Essentials French Countryside Natural Rug by Shaw for $689.
  • Kathy Ireland Essentials French Countryside Celadon Rug by Shaw for $1,099.
  • Kathy Ireland Essentials Windsor Multi Rug by Shaw Rugs for $829.

5. Couristan Rugs

Couristan is a huge successful manufacturer and importer of carpets and area rugs, from wool area rugs and little sisal rug styles for outdoors to full outdoor area rugs and lots and lots of wool area rugs for every budget.

couristan botanics

They also have wall to wall carpet solutions for home and commercial uses as well as large oval rugs and square rugs for living rooms and dinning areas. They offer custom rugs services to the hospitality industry and discount rug alternatives for large volume buyers. But because they deal in such a wide range of carpets and tugs, they do have a selection that rivals any top flooring company, and they have distribution centers and online retailers who often offer further discounts of select outdoor area rug and indoor wool area rug designs.

They are an official affiliate with Wools of New Zealand for the best New Zealand wool area rugs.

Here are but a few of the items that Couristan Rugs have to offer:

  • Couristan Rugs The Royal Imperial Collection
  • Couristan Rugs The Taj Mahal Collection — $2,294., power-loomed of 100% semi-worsted New Zealand wool using
  • Couristan Rugs The Mirage Collection $849. — mirage rugs are cross-woven
  • Couristan rugs Everest Palm Tree
  • Couristan Rugs The Woven Treasures Collection –$296. handmade area rugs
  • Couristan Rugs The Kashimar Collection 5’5 x 7’10” — $560.
  • Couristan Rugs The Pera Collection 7’10 x 11’2 — $322. Persian area rugs replicas

  • Couristan Rugs The Gem Collection 2’2 x 4’9 — $177. replicas of museum rugs
  • Couristan Rugs The Chateau Collection 2’3 x 8’2 $330. handmade area rugs
  • Couristan Rugs The Progressions Collection 2′ x 3′ — $52. innovative area rugs

6. Southwestern Rugs

The American Southwest and Mexico that’s what Southwestern area rugs are all about. Toss in a cactus, a Navajo or Mexican pattern, a bit of rustic driftwood and some terracotta clay pottery tones and you’re well on your way to the South West!

southwest rug

There are many native American peoples who create magnificent area rugs, some are flat woven and others are braided rugs or hooked rugs, even leather rugs and lots of light pastel blue area rug shades in geometric patterns. As far as area rug cleaning goes, these rugs are the best because they are often made from cotton and can be easily hand washed or tossed in the machine.

There are some wool area rug creations that have the traditional Mexican or Southwest patterns and there are odd variations on tradition with purple area rug creations that blend art deco colors and dessert sandy tones together. The native styles can also come in stark shades like the black area rugs styles that have an animal motif and little else or are predominantly black with a jagged pattern like the black Kokopeli are rugs.

Phoenix Scorpion Sun Red Southwestern Rug

These unique rugs are not made by one specific manufacturer, rather they are a style made by many companies and private rug makers.
Here a few Southwestern rugs to give you an idea of what you might find:

  • Black Kokopeli Southwestern Area Rug (4′ x 6′) $49.
  • Southwest Shag Area Rugs – 7’10” x 10’6″ $599.
  • Southwestern Red Area Rug (4′ x 6′) $49.
  • Home Dynamix Native American Southwestern Area Rug $101.
  • Stainmaster Wide Ruins Southwestern Rug Rectangle Rug $249.
  • Southwest Shag Area Rugs – 5’3″ x 7’6″ from Cabela’s $249.
  • Southwestern Kokopeli Red Area Rug (4′ x 6′) from Overstock $49.

7. Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor area rugs can be difficult to select because of dampness and rain and all the elements these rugs must face.


If you need a rug to lay at the front door or on the porch or to cover an area of a deck or patio, then you will have to stay away from those fibers that disintegrate easily and rugs that are not designed specifically for outdoor use.

There’s a lovely little website called gardenroomshop that has lots of outdoor rugs.

However, you will be surprised when you see all the possible choices.

Here are just a few:

  • Orian Cancun Border Outdoor Area Rug from Walmart for $39. brown/beige
  • DuraCord Outdoor Rug – 8′ x 10′ from Sam’s Club for $149. soft outdoor rugs
  • Casual Elements Chloe 5’x8′ Outdoor Rug from Sears for $69, polypropylene
  • Cafe Series Indoor/ Outdoor Rug (7’6 x 10’9) by SCI from Overstock for $156. humidity and UV resistant
  • indoor outdoor rug
  • Couristan Saddle Stitch Outdoor Rug from JC enny for under $60, in earth tones
  • Geo Crafts Polypropylene Outdoor Rugs from Amazon for $249. polypropylene
  • Casual Elements Camille 5’x8′ Outdoor Rug from Sears for $70, fade, stain and mildew proof
  • Striped Outdoor Rug by Brookstone for $50, weather-resistant, braided rugs
  • Estate Design 8×11 Ivy Border Outdoor Rug by Meijer – $159.for patio or garden.
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