Shag Area Rugs – Shaggy Chic not Shoddy Ick

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If you were more than 5 years old in the 70’s then you will cover your ears if you hear “shag” and if you were over 10, you’ll probably cover your eyes as well. But what WAS the shag rug movement of the 70’s is not at all what a shaggy rug is about in 2009. Shag is chic, ultra modern and definitely not the icky, sticky polyester matted wilted- carrot and vomit- green colors some savvy manufacturers managed to sell to the world.

The shag area rugs of today are not even of the same species. They are wool and silk and bamboo and cotton and acrylic and all sorts of soft, plush, snuggable fibers in cushy neutral tones and whites, or vibrantly wild blues and purples and reds for the most eclectic contemporary styles. And although you probably will never go for wall to wall shag, you might toss a shag rug on a hardwood living room floor, or throw an area rug on a ceramic tiled entry, or slip a shaggy sheep onto a cool terracotta bedside floor. It’s time to start tossing of a little shag around!

Sheepskin Shag Rugs


The most natural of all wool shag rugs is a sheepskin! But it needn’t be the real thing; I mean with the sheep’s hide still on the backside. It can be a long shaggy sheepskin wool area rug that is hypoallergenic and even a color that sheep don’t produce, but shorn from Tibetan sheep or made from New Zealand wool, and knotted to a backing that is easier to keep clean.

Remember shag is not only a 1970’s fad that passed away, nor is it a fad of the new millennium, it has a Greek tradition too, and is now seen in the increased popularity of the ancient flokati rug, which is made of long goat’s hair, in other words a wool shag rug!

Genuine Greek flokati area rugs are not cheap area rugs, but there are imitations and a few real versions that won’t blow your decorating budget. For example a very popular Flokati area rug that is handmade in grey wool shag and is a larger than other area rugs (7×9) goes for about $260.

Flokati rugs are especially great on stone or hardwood floors and the best ones are either sheep skin, leather backing or hand-tufted of 100% wool with a shag of at least 2 inches minimum.

Waking up to Wool

A wool area rug is mmmmmmmmm…. to wake up to in the morning, especially if your floors are a little cool in winter. I have a large, white wool area rug beside my bed and I find myself sitting on the edge of the bed and scrunching my toes into the long strands of yarn as I sssslowly…awaken. And it makes for the morning wake up to be a little less shocking on the feet, and it’s less likely I’ll want to fall back into bed. It’s such a little thing, a little area rug…but it makes waking up less…shocking.


Yackity Yack, but what’s a Shag Rug?

Shag rugs are long pile rugs that have not been shaven or shorn or cut the way regular low pile rugs are. They’re left shaggy and fluffy like long strands of hair or yarn. They can be made out of any rug material be it a synthetic or natural, however for durability and feel wool shag rugs are the best. For shedding, wool shag area rugs can be the worst. The every best of both shag worlds is a blend of wool and silk or a soft acrylic. Don’t worry about shape or size, they come in square, rectangular shapes, round, oval, hall runners and even animal hide shapes. They can be neutral or natural or white or almost any color.

Wool Area Rugs with Shag Style

Shag rugs have become a symbol of good taste and modern style. They are often talking pieces because they are often in colors and shapes that stand out in a room and make you want to reach down and touch them, or sit on them or lay on them. They aren’t just a rug that sits on the floor and goes unnoticed. That is why you can completely change the look and feel of a dull room with a simple shag rug and moving a few pieces of furniture around. It is an inexpensive remodeling tool that many designers are using to update lofts and apartments into showrooms.

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