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Outdoor Polypropylene Rug Specials

Beautiful Trans-Ocean Terrace outdoor polypropylene rug designs starting at $14; elegant yet durable Couristan Five Seasons polypropylene outdoor rugs starting at $20;
discount designs in contemporary and classic styles from top manufacturers; all weather creations that look like indoor rugs; traditional outdoor braided rugs starting at $32; specials for online shoppers – all the information you need to decorate indoors and outdoors with alternatives to wool area rugs.

Trans-Ocean Terrace Outdoor Polypropylene Rug Designs

If you’re looking for affordable wool area rugs alternatives that are great for indoors or outdoors, you need to see the Trans-Ocean collection that has fashionable carpet and rug solutions that can really take a beating while looking great.

These outdoor area rugs are all machine woven from 100% polypropylene pile, which makes them ideal for outdoor usage, especially for porches, decks and front entryways that take a lot of abuse. But they are far from being your average doormats. You can select small 23” X 35” sizes for $14 to $19 or large rugs 39” X 59” for $43.

There are also matching runner rugs that measure 23”X7’6” also for just $43. The largest sizes are 4′ 11” X 7′ 6” that cost about $91, and the same designs in a large size that measure 7′ 10” and are square for $159, or the largest sizes that are like carpets measuring 7′ 10” X 9′ 10” for just under $200.

These are not some ugly green indoor/outdoor plastic, crunchy-feeling rugs that will detract from the look of your outdoor space, but elegant carpets that could just as easily be in the living room or dinning room. Many have pile, are soft and comfy to sit on, and even have elaborate patterns and motifs. Some are contemporary and others have classic designs. There are even the popular zebra rugs, floral patterns and outdoor leaf and flower designs, as well as beach and exotic themes to match almost any décor.

The zebra rugs come in natural black and white, tiger colors, black and orange and even in wild red and white. They start at about $19, but some of the color and texture and pattern variations are $39 to $99, like the hot pink and red zebra pattern that’s 3 feet 6 inches by 5 feet 6 inches, rectangular.

The amazing thing about these outdoor rugs is that have a ½ inch pile, so there’re really a lot more than a mat on which to wipe your feet, but warm cozy places to sit outdoors and read a book or to have underfoot when you’re barefoot on the deck or under a patio table and chair set, even as a floor covering inside a garden gazebo.

Couristan Five Seasons Polypropylene Outdoor Rugs

If you’re impressed by the outdoor patio rugs we suggest so far, then you will be equally delighted to see what Couristan rugs are all about. From ultra modern graphic designs in stripes and geometric shapes to classic neutral tones and beachy fun, the Five Seasons collection is power-loomed in Turkey, with a flatwoven construction in 100% polypropylene by Courtron. These are not indoor rugs that you can drag outside on nice days, but genuinely designed outdoor rugs that are really durable and made to resist the elements without being difficult to care for. They have a UV stabilized so the sun doesn’t effect their color and they have been crafted in such a way that inclement weather will not cause them to disintegrate either.

The price will depend on the design you choose, but mostly on the size. The smallest ones are 1′ 11” X 3′ 7” and cost just $20. The matching entryway or stair runners measure 2′ 3” X 7′ 10” and cost just under $50. For large rug options like the 3′ 6” X 5′ 5”, you’ll pay just under $60 and matching larger runners that are almost 12 feet long cost about $75. The rugs that are large 5′ 3” X 7′ 6”, great for patios and decks under benches and tables, cost around $110 and the ones that are over 9 feet long are just under $150.

The two largest woven outdoor rugs in the Couristan Five Seasons collection that are made from polypropylene are 7′ 6” X 10′ 9” and sell for about $230, and the huge 8′ 6” X 13′ all weather outdoor rug that could fill an entire porch or deck is just under $320.

There’s a really fun collection called Taos Lodge, also by Couristan, that is bright and colorful and has Native American motifs and Southwest motifs that are a wonderful way to brighten up an outdoor area. They come in outdoor rug runner sizes and even extra, extra large rectangular shapes to fairly cover a deck. Just add a cactus a clay pot and your patio is all done.

These Taos Lodge pieces are also excellent for indoor high traffic areas in cabins, lodges and retreats or even on the floors of a small country B & B. They are casual elegance with a contemporary feel that creates a warm atmosphere of rustic frontier without roughing it. Yet the carpets themselves are designed to endure since they are power-loomed heat-set polypropylene with a dense weave of over 500,000 points/ square meter.

For nature lovers choose the blues and yellows and terracotta hues, and for the more geometric contemporary look choose the ivory and dark neutral tones with diamond and triangular geometric shapes. The large outdoor rugs in the Taos lodge collection are a little more expensive starting with the one that measures 2′ 7” X 4′ 11” and costs $89, and moving up to the long runner designs that measure almost 8 feet for about $120. The other rectangular shapes are 3′ 11” X 5′ 3” for around $140 or the 5′ 3” X 7′ 6” for about $270.

The two largest sizes of polypropylene rug design for garden decoration in this collection are 7′ 10” X 11′ that costs about $580 and the really large 9′ 6” X 13′ 2” piece that is about $850.

Other Cheap Outdoor Rugs

If you want a zillion different styles that are unique, from round outdoor rugs to the ever popular natural varieties of treated outdoor bamboo rugs and the super durable sisal outdoor rugs, you should take a look at what Rug Studio have in their collections. Aside from having all the above suggested items from Couristan and Trans-Ocean, they also have some rare finds like polypropylene outdoor braided rug styles that look just like the ones from wool that are used indoors.

For a country cabin look, these outdoor braided rugs from a company called Rhody Rug in New England, braided and hand sewn and come in the Pilgrim rug designs that are classic. Although they are not wool, they are finely crafted texturized polypropylene and can be purchased alone or with matching chair pads for outdoor seating. The colors are almost endless and the designs are as a braided rug should be – wound around and around in a mix of coordinating hues and tones as if made from strips of rag.

Here are the prices for the braided outdoor rugs and matching chair pads:

You can have a set of four pads that measure 15” around for just $32, and a matching rug that’s 2′ X 3′ for just over $40. The larger seat covers that measure 8” X 28” , also sold in a set of 4, are just over $43, and the matching 2′ X 4′ rug costs about $55.

The larger braided rugs that measure 3′ X 5′ start at just over $100, and the beautiful 4 foot round design is just under $120 and the 6 foot round are $256, and the 8 foot round outdoor rug costs $455. The 10 foot braided round outdoor rugs are priced at just over $670.

The oval 4′ X 6′ ones are about $163, and 5′ X 8′ are about $277, while the larger 7′ X 9′ costs just over $400. The largest oval ones are 8′ X 11′ and costs about $540 and the 10′ X 13′ are around $910.

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