Zebra Rug – Serengeti for your Floor

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You needn’t go on safari to have a zebra on your floor. In fact a zebra rug needn’t be a zebra hide at all. The best zebra rugs are wool area rugs that have been dyed black and white or other colors. And that’s just it. Contemporary zebra designs don’t even have to be black and white! I’ve seen some on line that have a zebra pattern but can be almost any crazy color.

And funnier still is that it doesn’t have to be in the shape of an animal body, it can now be square, rectangular or even a round rug. You can now walk all over the jungle without harming a single animal.

Wool Area Rug in Zebra Designs

  • One wool area rug line with jungle appeal that is very contemporary chic and of good quality is the Momeni Serengeti Collection. They have a zebra rug (and giraffe, tiger and leopard), which is hand-tufted of 100% wool. There are small 2′ x 3′ area rugs all the way up to 9′ 6″ x 13′ 6″ rugs for a real savage impact. Prices start just over $100.

There are a few other wool area rugs that are popular and come highly recommended by buyers. Some are wool rugs and others are blends and some are even washable rugs.

  • The Concord Global Natural Zebra Rug is a good size for a living room at 5’ x 7′ and good value at only $144.
  • Another cheap area rug choice is the United Weavers black Zebra Skin Area Rug. This one is cheap, only $55, because it’s a printed motif.
  • Better quality and much pricier is the Trans-Ocean design that comes in a 4’10” x 7’10″rug and costs about $250. It is expensive because it is a long runner for hallway or entrance and because it is a hooked and tufted weave.
  • A super cheap item for a really quick throw down is the Surya Augusta Zebra Contemporary Rug from RugStudio that is totally machine made but a bargain at only $50.

Round Wool Area Zebra Rug – all in one

  • For the round rug ideas I have mentioned in this and other articles, there’s the Test Hand-tufted Zebra Stripe Wool Rug that is 6 ft around. It is a high quality hand-tufted, 100% wool pile area rug and a steal of a price at just a little over $180.

Real Hide but not a Zebra

  • Steer Hide Wild Zebra Rug is very expensive because it’s actually a steer skin colored to be a zebra. It’s also a RugStudio item, but unlike the $50 version above, this one is almost $430.

Cheap Print Rug

Novelty zebra print rugs can be as cheep as $20 or cost over $100. Most printed rugs are polyester and not the high quality wool rug for a large living space, but they are great little throw rugs that can be replaced as needed.

  • The Radici Area Rug, that you can order from a variety of retailers online, goes for about $45, or the Terrace Zebra Area Rug from designer Liora Manné with the small ones for as little as $44, medium sizes from a little less than $100.
  • General Rugs also has an area rug that is a Zebra style and there are a variety of sizes that start at about $60.

Zebra Shag Rug

For the ultimate in chic and contemporary try a Shag Area Rug. Shag is most popular modern area rug, and combine that with a zebra motif, and you have a winner.

  • There’s one in the Cormorant Collection for about $150. You can even order a Super Shag Zebra Color Swatch for $5 just to make sure it’s what you want before buying the entire piece!
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